Autism speaks does not speak for a majority of the autism community


If you are reading this right now and you haven’t been living under a rock for the past several years you have probably heard of the organization Autism Speaks.  A long time ago before my years of sleepless nights and autism research, I used to donate to Autism Speaks thinking to myself, “Wow I am really glad someone out there is looking out for these kids”.  A few years later I was researching and I stumbled across an article that included the organizations tax information. Then I found website after website of adults with Autism who DO NOT support AS. What I read made me horrified, angry, saddened, and confused simultaneously and unfortunately I later found many charities run the same way.
These people receive MILLIONS of dollars and in my opinion, they squander a sickening majority of it. They receive ridiculous salaries and have disgustingly high expense lists. They blow millions on lavish banquets, first class travel, and golf outings all in the name of  “awareness”. They hold huge walk-a-thons and take local money away from the small towns who need it. It seems that it’s all about making money and rubbing elbows with celebrities for Autism Speaks.

They had a fundraiser that actually LOST over $84,000!!

$84,000!!!! Do you realize what that kind of money could do??

In 2008 Autism Speaks total income was over 65 MILLION dollars and less than TWO million went to their cause according to AS themselves! LESS THAN TWO MILLION. That’s less than they spent on their travels in 2008 alone.

All of this information is available to the public but unfortunately most people never find out about this because, understandably, don’t feel they have to research a charity.  And speaking of research, the “research” they are supporting is even more infuriating. I really truly hope this opens some eyes. If you have donated to Autism Speaks already don’t feel bad, YOUR heart was in the right place, it appears THEIRS isn’t unfortunately. Be smart and do the research when you are donating money to ANY cause. Find out where the funds go and exactly how much benefits the cause.

If you care to research more this says it all. Both PDF’s are very long but definitely worth reading. Please pass along. Thank you to and AutsimSpeaksV1d

A video for those of you who don’t like to read

Click to access Autism_Speaks_Form_990_2008.pdf

Click to access conflict-with-autism-speaks.pdf

John Elder Robinson Resigns from Autism Speaks


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8 thoughts on “Autism speaks does not speak for a majority of the autism community

  1. Oscar Prill says:

    Hi. My name is Oscar Prill. I’m currently a board member of a new foundation called Lionsgate Foundation. We’re based in Minnesota and are currently working with Lionsgate Academy to help with their fundraising but our mission is bigger than just supporting the school. Our vision is:

    ‘The Lionsgate Foundation works to expand opportunities, dissolve barriers and increase belonging between students with autism spectrum disorders, their families and communities.’

    We don’t pay any board members and I expect great things as we get rolling. I’ll check back in when our website is complete and can better demonstrate what we’re about.

  2. Mishon Johnson says:

    This is so sad!These types of charities make it really hard for the smaller charities that are actually putting the money back into the community for autism.I run a new nonprofit (Our Stars Inc.)organization and all of their donations go to the families in need who are affected by autism,so there children can obtain therapy,camps and outings.I feel that all charities should be required to put at least 80% to 90% back in to what their charity is about.The other 10% to 20% to run the the organization. Thank You for informing everyone about Autism Speaks.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m right there with you on this. I do not support AS either. I have to nicely tell my friends and family who continue to ask me every year if I’m doing their local walk why I am not. Thanks for the post.

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