liftarn_PillowsFor the past 11 years I have used the same cushy, fluffy, amazing, cloud-like, dream of a feather pillow that my mother-in law finally let me steal for my own when I was pregnant with my son. I call her Pillow. Pillow was my husband’s grandmothers ( haha keep reading before you think “this crazy b is using an old used pillow!”) The first time I ever put my head on Pillow it was like “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” ya know, the clouds parted and the sunshine streamed through as angels all sang in unison and all was right in the world! The “oldness” of Pillow has made all of the feathers break down to practically nothing so they are unbelievably soft and they don’t poke out all over anymore like most feather pillows do. It seriously feels like gel when you put your head on her!! I can say without hesitation that shes the best thing I’ve found in this world aside from my hubby! So anyhow, the reason I am blogging about Pillow is because currently I am sooooo super tired and the hubs washed her and obviously forgot she needs to be thoroughly dried or the feathers inside lump up and hold moisture. Doesn’t he know she is not at her peak when she isn’t fully dry?! So yea I went to lay my aching tired head on Pillow and there were no angels to be heard singing. The clouds did not part, in fact they turned gray as hell and started spitting rain! All was not right in the world. I growled and picked a few choice words to mutter to the universe and drug my weary behind out to the couch to write to you! Now since I have been sitting here I’ve been thinking.. Since I really have no other choice of shit to do..I’ve come to a conclusion- Pillow is probably gonna be the death of me. If anything ever happens to this perfect pile of fluffy stuff I fear I will never see my eyelids again! :( I need a break up strategy stat! I’m afraid of the aftermath though. A rebound will never work in this case! Believe me, I have tried! *sigh* Love….its a mf-er.


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