Facebook I break up..maybe..

To Facebook or not to Facebook! That is the question!! On one hand I loooove my Facebook and I think I would be completely lost without it. I like snooping on what’s going on with my friends, pages, and other momma bloggers..on the other hand sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel and deleting my account to try and remember what life was like before the days of social networking-Before the “fb drama”, before the daily posts from people bitching and moaning about everything under the sun, before the dumb joke posts that people find funny somehow, before the duck face pic, before ya had to hear everyone you went to high school with’s opinions on religion, politics, and underwear, before the chain status, before the ” just sayin lol” comments under every post…………………………. But every time I go to hit the delete button I remember all the stuff that I love about Facebook again…all my friends and their pictures and funny stories, sharing experiences and info, being nosey and investigating like sherlock holmes when shit’s goin down…….yea..I just can’t do it. I can’t break up with Facebook. I think I’m a stage 5 clinger :) Are there meetings for that?

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