Getting old sucks.

ouchRemember when you were a kid and all you wanted in the world was to be a grown up? What in the hell were we thinking?! There’s nothing quite like being awake at 6:19 am because you are in excruciating pain…if you sensed some sarcasm in that last statement you would be correct. I feel like the older I get the more this body is making me feel like I got a lemon! Pieces and parts are constantly going to hell and I feel like I’m always in need of a tune up! Wish I would’ve been more serious about maintenance when I had a younger model!

2 thoughts on “Getting old sucks.

  1. Connie Howard says:

    Maintenance when you were young may have done little to change the present, so let yourself off the hook. (I did the whole clean-living thing, then got seriously sick.) Aging sucks, yes, but you’re a writer, and have readers to make it all worthwhile. :)

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