Growing up is hard..especially for Moms

Tomorrow jr is back to school and in true fashion I’m the one who can’t sleep! I will be happy when the day is over and I find out he’s gonna be ok. A lot of my momma friends are dying for their kids to be back in school all day. I’m not! I never am. I hate it.
I don’t know if it’s just a stay at home momma thing or what but if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am super unbelievably attached to this kid. I know everyone is attached to their children but when I say it I mean really attached. Other than school he spends all his time with me and he always has. Truth is, I don’t really enjoy myself as much when my lil Bug’s not with me. Plus I can’t help but worry about him 24/7 and it’s so much worse when he’s not with me or my husband.
Luckily growing up doesn’t seem to be near as hard on jr as it is on me. I definitely don’t like it but I know while bug’s at school learning his fourth grade curriculum I’ve gotta work on learning to let go a little. I predict tears in my near future.


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