Help me support freedom of choice for our children’s health

First go to that page and click away at the like button, that in itself shows these parents the support that they deserve.

WE THE PARENTS is a grassroots movement of families in West Virginia asking the legislature for non-medical vaccine exemptions, just as 48 other states!

It breaks my heart that this has gotten to this point….If you do not have a Facebook account you can read a couple of their posts below-

“A lot is going on in West Virginia! Students all over the state are being refused school entry, even though they are in compliance with WV State Code 16-3-4. They are not being permitted a public or private school education because they have not complied with vaccines added through “Interpretive Rule.” A rule which has been used twice by the WV Bureau for Public Health when our elected officials did not pass a bill to add the vaccines. Cases range from a kindergartner no longer allowed to step foot in her school to a 17 year old who goes to school daily where he must sit in the office. We the Parents will not back down. We will stand united.”

“A kindergarten student who is in compliance with WV State Code regarding vaccines will not be permitted school entry tomorrow morning in Ohio County. Why? Because she does not have her 4th DTaP shot. A shot that was added through “Interpretive Rule” by the WV Bureau for Public Health when the WV Legislature did not pass a bill to add the additional vaccines.

In fact, provisional enrollment for 7th and 12th graders also ends tomorrow in Ohio County. And all of these children will be counted as unexcused absences.

These shots are NOT required by state law. But it is keeping children from their public education. We hope you’re as outraged as we are.”


2 thoughts on “Help me support freedom of choice for our children’s health

  1. misty says:

    wow- what are those schools afraid of? when is the last time the staff got those shots? and the kids that have shots are the ones caring the viruses Not the unvaccinated kids. This is just another way for our rights to go straight out the door. soon we will be living as slaves! whats next- girls dont have a right to education or maybe women being unable to vote!!! This isnt land of the free anymore!!!

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