This kid is just hilarious


So I have quite the little gem to tell you all today! My son is just the coolest kid in the world, he just makes my heart want to explode!
We’re going on vacation soon and Bug usually hates doing things like that. He also hates restaurants. Basically, he usually doesn’t like doing things that mess with his routine. Well last night we were talking about vacation and I was showing him pictures online. He was actually starting to get excited which totally floored me but then he did something even crazier.. He asked me if we could eat at a diner when we go on vacation!! Of course I’m sitting there, jaw on the floor, and quickly yelled “Sure can, bud!!” with a huge smile on my face, and for some reason he looked relieved! Who is this kid?! Turns out, my lil Bug thought that vacations don’t have food so now he is THRILLED to know that vacation does indeed have restaurants and he actually wants to eat at them!! Wooo to the hoo!


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