Vacation- Our trip was Amazing!

Ok where to start?! Our mini vacation to Put In Bay was just absolutely amazing!!! We started it off with the ferry ride to the island which was probably one of Jr’s favorite parts. He loved watching the boats buzzing around the lake. It was a pretty overwhelming trip but he did fantastic! I was so proud of my lil bug.

Most of our days were spent poolside so Bug could perfect his swimming skills! He got pretty good there towards the end! The pool was maybe 100 ft from our door and had a swim up bar and a 40 person hot tub and we were the only people in it for most of our stay. Jr was also stoked about the huge playground, it was beautiful! There was a big fountain and tons of lush trees & flowers. We loved it there. Our house was every bit as amazing! It was 3 stories, had beautiful fancy tile, exquisite bathrooms, comfy beds with fabulous linens, a balcony, a 55in flatscreen tv, and two fountains right outside our door. One of the fountains was a splash pad for kids and lit up neon colors at night! You know Bug love that thing!!







We spent the rest of our days cruising around in a golf cart seeing all the sites!  It is such a storybook type place, everywhere you go is breathtakingly beautiful.

We went to the very top of the local monument which was over 300 ft above the lake level! It was indescribable but I was definitely ready to get down!



..And finally up to the very top! What a view!

We finished off our trip with some shopping and the only thing I cared about doing while we were there- going to the Celestite crystal cave!!! I collect gems and minerals so the cave was at the TOP of my to do list! It was everything I thought it would be and more!!




That pretty much wrapped up our trip. Jr. was homesick so we went home a day early but we were just happy he lasted as long as he did! :) GREAT memories and a great vacation! We can’t wait to go back!

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