Bug-isms- Hilarious things my son says


Never a dull moment =^)

Well I can say a lot of things about my insane chaotic life but I can definitely never say that it isn’t entertaining! My lil monster always has something to say that makes me nearly pee myself or turn as red as a fire truck! Here are a few of his gems-

First I better start off by saying, at times, Bug takes things very literally..One day he kept going to the fridge, opening a Trix yogurt, and then going directly to the trash to throw the full container away..he did this probably three times and I’m like “Bug what are you doing?! ” His response-” I opened the lid and it said try again… So I did.”

“I don’t think god is crying when it rains, I think he’s peeing.”

They’re learning cursive at school and as you know cursive n’s look like m’s so Bug comes home and says “Mom!! It’s just not fair! They’re making me write the wrong name!! “

His book bag was heavy after school one day and he says to me matter of factly, “Mom, they are trying to ruin my life!!”

“Mom what’s a juice bag? Kids at school keep calling each other juice bag!”

“Mom!!!! Dad!!!!!!! I’ve got a boner!!!” Thank god it was NOT a boner, it was just a skeleton on his game. He thought the correct term for skeleton was boner, I quickly corrected him lol.

He is getting all stressed out about college even though he’s only ten. I was telling him how much he’d love it and that he’d be ready to get away from me and my husband when he gets older and he says ” Uh! Mom! They’re gonna think I’m an orphan!! ” He thought that everybody else takes their Mom & Dad to college. Then he said “eh I don’t want to do that” and I told him that people could go to college without staying in a dorm. I explained you could drive from home and he turned his nose up at that idea too. I laughed and told him he could always just stay with me forever and ever and he said “yep that’ll work for me.”

“I am distracted by the ladies” He is ten! I sure as hell didn’t think I’d hear that one so soon! :p

I have a lot more of these lil treasures but I’m gonna have to save em for next time! Gotta go do grown up stuff now, but I don’t wanna! ;)

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