It makes you an a-hole.

Ok I am in rant mode and since it usually falls on deaf ears around this casa I will share my bitchy bitching with you all! Yay!
I find it to be soooo unbelievably annoying that I am almost 30 years old and girls/women are STILL thinking that they are in a competition with me and every other woman/girl in the world. Things that make ya go “hmmmm”! Do people think we’re all being taped or something? Is this like the Truman show, where’s the camera? Does my hair look ok? Did I win first prize?! ;)
So ya work? Big deal. Ya stay at home with the kids? Big deal. Honestly, I don’t care what you do with your time and you shouldn’t care what I do with mine. Do what works for you and keep your focus on your own lane. Simple principle but for some this has proven to be very difficult! So ya breast fed? Good for you. Ya didn’t? Good for you. You’re curvy? Good for you. Skinny? Good for you. Tan? Pale? Big boobs? Small boobs? Tattoos, no tattoos. Fake, real. Blonde, brunette. Tall, short. Married, single. These are all things that petty women use to make themselves feel superior to other women, and I, for one, am tired of it and am calling it out!
We are all on totally different paths in life so to compare them is a huge, unhealthy waste of time. If only people used all that time they spend hating to do something good, or to better themselves..yea wishful thinking right?
I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that you get what you give so ladies let’s quit giving off this “I’m better than you”  bs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times, It doesn’t make you better, it makes you an a-hole.




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