More Bug-isms :) The cute and funny things kids say


Bug says the meteor the other day was God’s clap! We looked up Russia on google earth and Bug says matter of factly “Yeeeep! Definitely God’s clap. I knew it!” And he says when he’s an adult he is going to make a world of jello with jello moms. Then when he finishes with that he wants to combine jello with cheese to make a new food called Cheelo!… And he has been asking me lately if we can “flour bomb” someone so we had a hilarious talk about what antiquing is and shortly after it changed to unicorns..he says they are major lame and his dad wouldn’t ever like a unicorn so he would hunt them if they existed on earth. I told him I like unicorns and I got the stink eye..then he said he guesses it’s ok since i’m a girl. Whew! ;)

Meteor trace

Meteor trace (Photo credit: alexeya)

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