A Typical Day in our Life :P

A typical day at our house is anything but typical…or maybe it is. I am a work at home mom so when I’m at the house I’m usually sporting my jams, slippers, and rockin’ some bed head. There is usually some toothpaste on my shirt, flour from cupcake making, or probably some clingy remainders from my lunch or possibly even Bug’s lunch if it’s a weekend so I have to change clothes a million times per day. I try to spend my time writing all day long but the boy and the hubs and the house never let it happen so I usually write at night or when they’re occupied. I almost always have crumbs in my bra. Our dog is deaf so most of the day you’ll find me having meaningful intellectual conversations with him and asking him why I forgot the butter at the store or why these boys think the living room is a hamper. Hey, he can’t hear but that just helps him to be a better listener in my book! I am always hobbling around with my heat pad because I have a bad back & neck so I am also constantly turning the heat down because I’m roasting like a damned thanksgiving turkey. I like to crank my tv or stereo up so I can hear it in every room while I clean & or blog so I am usually yelling..not because I am mad, but because I am practically deaf from the speakers. I do dishes and laundry literally 24-7. Seriously- twen-ty fouurr seeeev-een! My name should just be some hybrid form of the two words, like “Daundry” or “Lishes”.  Come to think of it, it’s probably because of all of the toothpaste and flour on my clothes…hmm. Anyways, in between laundry, dishes, and other super interesting and cerebral cleaning activities you will hear me laughing hysterically over something Bug has said. This kid has put more laugh lines on my face than I can count :) He is the “as seen on tv” champion of the world! I swear he could tell you every product and all the bells and whistles that comes with each one. Then he will convince you that you “HAVE to buy the Sobakowa pillow! It will be the best night sleep you ever had, and just wait there’s more! You get a free membership to the so and so AND you get one free! Don’t you want a good night’s sleep mom? Don’t you?!” When I’m not laughing with Bug I am usually saying “Pick that up”. My husband or son could easily be mistaken for “Pick that up” because I say it to them more than their actual names…and guess who picks it up? Yep, this chick does so sometimes I like to hide their stuff just for fun, keeps me young. I think my hubs is also going deaf from the tv so he makes me repeat everything over and over. I am a bit OCD and I can only repeat something twice before I totally lose my $h*t so conversations here tend to be pretty comical. We are truly the biggest kids I know. Bug is probably a little over spoiled because me and the hubs still think we’re 12 and we HAVE to have the next Lego Harry Potter or Mario game, we just HAVE to!! We wind down our nights with Bug coming out of his room for ANY possible reason..a drink, a snack, an explanation on why the stars shine..always something. This is my life and I adore it. I wouldn’t change one thing about it. …Well I guess I’d take a million tax free dollars if someone REALLY wanted to be cool like that. ;)


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