A Great Day.

I cannot even express the amount of happiness and utter joy I am feeling at this moment! All kinds of WooHoo today! Things in our life the past few months have been so chaotic and they were starting to really pile up into mountains of stress. It was feeling like it was only getting worse and we were starting to lose hope. I would love to get into all the nitty gritty details but it really will only add to the drama and I am just so freakin over it! Movin’ On!

Long story short we live in a duplex and we were having some major issues with our upstairs neighbor and it was affecting Bug’s sleep. (He already has sleep issues so any added disturbances are just not cool) This all drug on for months, from December till now to be exact, but we HAVE to stay here. Bug’s best friend lives right down the street and he is so well adjusted here. I know moving would be extremely hard on him, it would totally destroy his routine.

So anyhow the neighbor finally moved out this week and today we got the keys to the upstairs! No more neighbors! “AHHHHH”! Can you hear the angels all singing in unison?? We have gone from a small place to a big place and we didn’t even have to move which is awesome because I haaate moving with an undying passion. So I would like to take a second to give a shout-out- Thank you Universe, this momma owes ya one! *fist bump*

There is a lot of work that needs done upstairs but I’m a bit OCD so I don’t think it will take too long. I will have to fix everything or it will drive me batshit crazy. (Or perhaps I should say I will have to make Moosh fix everything or I will go batshit. I’m the cleaner, he’s the fixer.) I am actually looking forward to it all as funny as that probably sounds but I really need me a new project! Plus I already have big plans for Bug’s room & an art room!

I am so grateful for a great day.



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