Bug’s Art for Paper Clouds Apparel and Windrush Farm

I am so excited to announce that Bug’s drawings will be featured on t-shirts made by Paper Clouds Apparel starting on JUNE the 10th! This is such a fabulous collaboration for so many reasons, I can barely contain myself!


First off, Paper Clouds is a super inspiring group who is doing amazing things, I mean AMAZING people! I can’t even begin to tell you how honored we are to be a part of this very special project! Paper Clouds donates 50% of the proceeds from each campaign to a different charity. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I found out that they also employ individuals with special needs! I found this spectacular group through one of my most favorite blogs ever, The Crumb Diaries! The star of the page, the very handsome Mr. Logan, was already involved and they were looking for a co-artist so we sent them some of Bug’s pictures and the rest is history! :) Just wait, it gets EVEN better!!…. Logan’s beautiful mom Ally chose Windrush Farm for this project! They are a non-profit, working horse farm that has been successfully helping children and adults with physical, emotional, and learning disabilities since 1964! Now how flippin awesome is that?!! These causes are SO extremely worthy and I would LOVE to see us bring them as much joy as they have brought to others! Please buy a shirt, or ten! ;)


I will be sure to remind everyone when June 10th rolls around! HEHE wild horses couldn’t stop me! Hell, even BACON couldn’t stop me! :)


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