Thoughts about blogging


I’ve been writing since I was a kid but having the world see your every thought and emotion on screen is on a whole other level. Blogging has been such a multifaceted world for me, it has been a great way for me to help people who are in the beginning stages of their journey with autism, which I expected, but it has also helped me in a way that never occurred to me. It has been a form of therapy for all of this crazy! I think I have probably been helped as much as I’ve helped others so for that, I thank you! I’ve been thinkin’ a lot about how my life has changed since I started the website and I decided I’d do what i always do and dissect it all. So here we gooooo!


-I am very honest with myself and others sometimes to a fault. I didn’t realize how much so until I started the website. Sometimes I need to learn to hold back, although that probably makes for a boring ass blog…and I have THE hardest time biting my tongue.

-It’s difficult for me to divide my attention equally between my website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. I don’t get as much feedback on here so I tend to spend a bit more time on Facebook but Facebook doesn’t show your posts to all of your followers. My Facebook posts go straight to Twitter so I check it fairly often because I get a lot of feedback there as well. When you post things on social networks they are seen by a lot of people but they often get lost in the feed. I feel it’s important to keep the site going because it’s my home-base for a lot of the resources I have accumulated over the years. ( the resources list) It makes me happy to be able to help people who are looking for answers.

-I haven’t had too many trolls but I learned quickly they aren’t even worth responding to. It’s a huge waste of time and precious energy.

– I struggle with whether or not I should be anonymous. On. The. Daily.

-I love having a place to share my never-ending, ever-changing projects and an outlet to make some revenue without having a boss :)

-Going to school for graphic design wasn’t a waste of money! Hear that neigh-sayers? :)

-I’m creative in nearly every part of my life but writing is just not one of them. I can’t sit here and write you a fictional story to read, the words just don’t come. I write about the things that I feel and the things that I know.

-I don’t run a typical “blog”. I’ve actually had people telling me I’m doing it wrong. To that I say, Piss off!! Haha  just kiddin! To that I say, to each his own. This is more of a website with a blog section, if it really needs a title. I do blog but I also tend to write about whatever happens to pop into my brain..and it’s a crazy busy place up in there!

Just some bloggy thoughts that have been floating through my head tryin’ to get out :)


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