Game Bucks


After this week’s electronics meltdown I decided we need some balance up in here! These are our “Game Bucks”  They can be earned with good behavior, chores around the house, and a good positive attitude. They can then be redeemed for game time. Bug’s already pissed :) I will surely be explaining this system 1000 times today..and tomorrow. 

This is soooo unbelievably easy to do at home. I used scrapbook card stock, highlighters, and a Sharpie marker but you could use any kind of paper or writing utensil you’d like. I found a little box to keep them all in and there you have it!-Game Bucks!


Update- So far we are doing pretty good with the game time management! Bug really needed something visual so these are perfect for him. He is even saving his game time up, he says,  “I want to use my game time wisely and not blow it all”  Thatta boy! Ahhh he’s growing up peeps, he’s growing up. Excuse my while I wipe my face, I have some dust in my eye, or a stone, or a boulder…




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