Moms don’t have to wear Mom Jeans..literally or figuratively


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Mom jeans is a humorously pejorative term for a specific type of fit of women’s jeans, considered to be both unfashionable, and unflattering to the wearer’s bodyshape. This style usually consists of a high waist (rising above the belly button), making the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they otherwise might. It also tends to have excess space in the zipper/crotch and leg areas. The jeans are usually in a solid, light-blue color, with no form of stone washing or fading. Other attributes of the style often seen are pleats, tapered legs, and elastic waistbands. The style is often accompanied by a blouse or shirt that is tucked into the jeans. This style of jeans was popular with women in the United States until the mid-1990s, when lower rise jeans started to become fashionable.

The name of the fit has its origin with a 2003 Saturday Night Live skit for a fake brand of jeans called Mom Jeans, which used the tagline “For this Mother’s Day, don’t give Mom that bottle of perfume. Give her something that says, ‘I’m not a woman anymore…I’m a mom!’ “[1]

A corresponding term, “dad jeans” has been coined in popular media to refer to a similarly unflattering, high-waisted, and shapeless style of jeans often worn by middle-aged U.S. men. This came to prominence in 2009 when President Barack Obama was depicted as wearing them to a baseball game.[2][3]

Urban Dictionary-

Mom jeans are jeans highlighting the flat curvature of the 40+ buttocks. Similies: upside-down-heart shaped-butt. Commonly seen accompained with front butt


When I became a mother I was young and still just a baby myself, 18 years old to be exact. I had this warped idea in my head that once I gave birth my life was gonna be over, and when I say that I don’t mean like “oh poor me, my life is gonna suck”. It was more like I thought I wasn’t going to have time to do the hobbies and the things I enjoyed like art, and crafting. I had already accepted what I thought was a fact. I thought that I was going to have to join the soccer mom club and wear chinos that came up over my belly button with tacky blouses tucked into my boob-high waistline mom jeans. I had this idea in my head that every ounce of my time would be replaced with being a mom. I can actually remember thinking, “I may as well throw my flat iron out, it’s not like I’m not going to have time to do my hair anymore.” It’s true, when you become a mom your priorities most definitely change but you don’t have to give up every part of yourself to be a mom, you just have to get better at juggling and time management.


If you’re a new scared momma or are expecting just know, you are NOT doomed to mom jeans. Yes, your life is about to change, yes you are going to change, and yes your time is going to be limited, but you can still be YOU.




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