Autism, we are all tied together by common threads

There are so many different views on autism in my facebook and twitter feeds.
Mine is my own & I understand when people don’t see things exactly the way that I do..there was a time that I didn’t, but along the way I have done years of soul searching and came to realize that everyone walks their own path and they aren’t all the same as mine.
We have a “kickin’ autism’s ass” kinda mentality in our family. I’m not the warrior here, it’s Bug! He has had his fair share of struggles and he has handled them all and made it through each time with determination and perseverance. I admire him and the beautiful person he is growing to be. We accept our child completely and are his biggest and proudest cheerleaders. We try to provide him with all of the tools he needs to succeed in life and to be a happy and confident individual. I’d say that so far we’re doin’ ok because he is the most amazing person I have ever known and the coolest person in our family :)
Some of you don’t look at autism the way that I do and that’s ok. Your path is your own. The common threads are what draw me to you. We all need support at times, someone to say, “We’ve been through that!” or “Hey have you tried this?”. We all go through so many of the same things and we need each other to have the best future that we can possibly have for our kids and adults on the spectrum, it’s our responsibility.






One thought on “Autism, we are all tied together by common threads

  1. faceofautism says:

    Hey your Awesome! I’ve recently been diagnosed with autism and the best way I can explain how it feels for me is a NT person is predominantly responds to the environment via a chemical concoction that the brain releases while an individual with autism responds purely out of free will, and last its we get pulled into patterns last we get pulled into patterns last we get pulled in the patterns so some times you need to snap us out of it with some form of stimuli. I personaly believe autism is the next stage of advancement for the human race we tend to have a better grasp of reality and society as a whole the only place we struggle is on the personal level at least that Is how I feel

    Tons of love great to see that their are wonderful people out there


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