Sh*t that only happens to me.


The neighbors were outside in their front yard looking all motivated so I decided to get motivated as well and I hung our Christmas lights, even though I was freakin’ FREEZING! It took me about 15 minutes or so to finish up and the whole time I just kept thinking that I couldn’t believe how much colder it was outside than the day before. The hubs came home a little while later and I told him that I had put up the lights & that he was super lucky I did it because it was COLD as hell outside! He said to me, “Turn around”…I’m like, Um…what??”  I’m thinking, “what the hell, did he not just hear me?”. Again he says, “Turn around!” with a huge grin on his face. Well, long story short, the whole a$$ of my pants was ripped out. So THAT is why I was so cold.


Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas neighbors, sorry I showed you my ass.

string of lights

 Here are some other peeps on the internet who have shared similar clothing malfunctions!


 I guarantee you, there are a LOT of ladies who were happy to see this little mishap! Hey, this could catch on, call me ESPN! Got an idea on how to pull in some more female viewers!


 And again, I’m sure that not everyone wasn’t disappointed.. you know the ladies love them some Lopez.


 Hey bro, check out my pants!..and my suhhweeet light up shoes, yo!


 I guess that’s what ya get for playing indoor soccer in a business suit!


Oh the craziness that is my life. I wouldn’t trade it. A day at the rockin mom house is crazy and chaotic but priceless to this momma!


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