A NEW ADDITION TO Rockin Mom’s World!

AHHHH I just love new stuffs!!

I’m so flippin’ excited to jump into the next chapter of my little adventure!! I’ve been playing with an idea for the past couple of weeks but I needed an outside opinion from my peeps so today I asked my amazing social media followers what they thought about the possibility of me adding a new girly, fashion type section to the website. Most of you are women and if you’re anything like me you are into clothes, hair, nails, and all that jazz. Those of you who aren’t that way, I’ve been in your shoes too! Here lately I have been riding the yoga/pj pants train pretty much on the daily and I am tryin’ like hell to jump off so this will be good for me! Plus things have been pretty heavy in my life lately and I really need an escape so I am more than excited to take this new adventure on.


We can do this together! Sometimes all we need is a little style motivation! I want to try new things and get out of my comfort zone and I want all you hot mommas to join me! Tomorrow is closet clean out day!!

P.S. I also have plans to add a section where you guys can send in pics of your favorite closet treasures! Eeeeeeek! So excited!



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