Heeeeey guys! As promised I finally did the big closet clean-out so I wanted to share with ya’ll!

First off, I apologize for my horrible pictures. I can’t replace my good camera until January so this grainy, fuzzy, cell phone quality is unfortunately what i’m stuck with for now. I thought about just putting this blog off until I can take better shots but I reeeeeeally needed to whip my closet into shape so I’ll just replace these crappy pics later. Anywho, please bear with me, peeps!

I’m not really big on color organization. I feel like it already takes me long enough to wash, dry, and fold my clothes so I prefer to just organize everything by type, ex. long sleeve shirts together, short sleeve, hoodies, dresses, tanks, and so on. I also find that it is much less stressful if you only have your seasonal clothes in rotation. I keep all of my winter stuff put away in the summer and my summer stuff put away in the winter. If I don’t, somehow everything ends up in my laundry pile whether I wore it or not!


*Tip- Keep your accessories in, or close to your closet for easy access. I tend to make less of a mess this way. You can use boxes, baskets, hooks, bins, or clothes hangers like I did.


Ollie the snuggle puggle is all about some camera time! He really wanted to help me out but he  just ended up laying in all of my shoes :)


My closet is definitely one of my happy places so the little heart banner I made seemed fitting to show my clothes a little love. (Tutorial here)


Happy Cleaning!




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