DIY Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornaments


These cute lil’ puzzle piece snowflake ornaments are absolutely adorable and super simple to make. They make my little tree look so unique and festive. All you need is the following-

An old puzzle

puzzle perspective

Hot glue gun.

A glue gun. Picture by Luke Surl I hearby rele...

Spray paint.

Spray Paint

Spray Paint (Photo credit: designsbykari)


Deutsch: Glitter

Pipe cleaners.

pipe cleaners, photographed at my own.


Start off by hot gluing the pieces together in a snowflake shape. I did this by gluing five puzzle pieces to one anchor piece in a circular pattern. When you get the snowflake shape glued together, cut your pipe cleaner to the desired length and make a loop with it. Glue it to the back of your snowflake using your hot glue gun. Next you can spray paint your ornament in any color you choose to. Apply the glitter while the paint is still wet so it sticks. Ta-da! You now have a puzzle piece snowflake ornament!




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