Easy DIY Book Page Wreath


I get so many comments from friends and family about this beautiful book page wreath I made so I thought I’d do a quick how-to. It is so simple to make and you can do it with pretty much whatever you have laying around the house! All you need is-

An old book with ripped pages ( I don’t promote tearing up a good book!)



English: A pair of large, Fiskars-brand scissors.

Modge Podge, Glue, or even staples

English: Ross school glue. 150ml bottle.

A wreath ring/frame or just a piece of cardboard or something semi-strong to cut into a circle..think doughnut shaped (This will be the base of the wreath) Cardboard



If you are using cardboard or something similar, start off by cutting it into a doughnut shape. Then cut out all of the pages out of your book. Cut them again into three different lengths, small, medium, and large. Next, take each page and roll it corner to corner to make a tube that is closed on one end and open on the other. Glue, staple, or modge podge each of them closed as you roll them so they stay in a tube shape.

530542_642917489076350_1321854635_n - Copy

After you get your paper rolled and glued you can start attaching the long tubes to your cardboard base. You can do this with whatever you have around, I prefer a strong glue but I have made them with pretty much everything. Attach the tubes to the base one at a time, when you complete a circle start using your medium sized tubes and layer them on top of your first circle you made with the longest tubes. After you complete a circle of the medium sized tubes, finish by completing another circle on top of the previous one with the small tubes. To give it a more finished look, I made little paper loops and applied them in a circle on the center of the wreath.

530542_642917489076350_1321854635_n - Copy (2)

Ta-da! Thaaaaat’s it!

You now have a beautiful, unique wreath!

You can also try this project with brown grocery bags, newspapers, magazines, or even wrapping paper! Get creative with it!

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