DIY Book Safe


Ever since I was a kid I have been fascinated by anything secret- Secret compartments, secret passages, secret codes, or anything private and mysterious! There is just something almost magical about things that are hidden away from the world.

Making your own book safe is a fun and fairly easy diy project that I know you’re going to love! All you’ll need is-

An old book that has ripped pages

(I won’t promote cutting up a perfectly good book,

BUT if there’s already a missing page then don’t feel guilty!)


An exacto knife or box cutter

English: A general plastic box cutter, which a...

Modge podge or puzzle glueScreen Printing Adventure

2 Plastic bags-

A bag with a smiley face design that bids the ...


First, you need to prep your book by covering the back and front covers with the plastic bags so you don’t get glue on them. Gluing your pages together can be skipped if you don’t care if the pages are loose.If you choose to go the modge podge/ puzzle glue route, after you cover the front and back covers, you can apply the modge podge to the pages to bind them into one solid block. When the pages are completely coated, hold the book together in a vice or place it under several heavy books to set. Let it dry for at least an hour. After the pages are dry, you can begin cutting. This part is the most time consuming but it’s definitely worth the finished product.On the book below, I skipped the modge podge. If you do it this way I suggest cutting the pages in smaller groups to make it easier.


unnamed (13)

Have you ever made a book safe? You should!


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download253514_222585951204443_1119739480_nMuch Love, Rockin Mom


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