Easy Peasy DIY Heart Garland


These super cute, paper heart garlands are so simple to make! They add that perfect feminine touch to any room or celebration. All you need is-

Scrapbook Paper

unnamed (8)

A needle and thread

Sewing needles that are used in this magic trick.

ScissorsEnglish: A pair of large, Fiskars-brand scissors.


First, cut out several hearts using your scrapbook paper or anything else that suits your fancy! I’ve made them out of old book pages, brown paper bags, felt, etc. Next, thread your needle and sew through each of the hearts one after another. I recommend sewing through the top part of the heart so they don’t flip upside down when you hang it up. Also, leave some extra thread on each side of your heart strand so you can make loops on the end to hang your garland from.MCI



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