Effortless Comfy Style


Do any of you remember Delia’s catalogs? I used to loooooove me some Delia’s catalogs!! I waited with anticipation every month for the new ones to come to my mailbox, filled with tons of cute tops, swimsuits, and accessories! I don’t know what made me think of it today, but I decided to do a google search and I was so stoked to see that Delia’s is still alive and well and their stuff is just as cute as it was the last time I ordered! Eeeeeek!

Here are some of my favorite finds-






What is your favorite mail order magazine?



One thought on “Effortless Comfy Style

  1. Mamapotamus says:

    YEAH! I love Delia’s. That’s where I got all my clothes in HS… which was way too long ago. As soon as I am done being pregnant I am going to get back to unrealistic HS size and start getting clothes from the catalog again!

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