DIY Nail Designs


Being the girly girl that I am, I love me some pretty painted nails! Over the years I haven’t always have the time or the money to have them done professionally so I learned girl trick #1 very quickly, improvise, improvise, improvise! Cute nails are super easy to achieve for A LOT less than professional nails. Here’s How!

All you need is-

At least 2 shades of nail polish




A toothpick


First, in a well ventilated area, paint on your base coat. You can do all of your nails one color or you can switch it up and paint them different shades. After your base coat is dry you can start on the embellishments. It seems like this part would be the most difficult step in this process but actually the hardest part for me is steering clear of messing up the polish before it dries.

UntitledTry running your nails under ice cold water to speed up dry time!

Drop a few drops of your embellishment color on a piece of paper. This is your palette. Use your toothpick as a mini brush to draw on your designs. Be sure to coat the tip of the toothpick well. If you are unsure of your artistic skills just start with simple lines, squiggles, and dots. Polka dots, flowers, leopard print, and zebra prints are very easy to do with this method.

Now, what to do while my nails dry!

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Much love, Rockin Mom


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