Sweet ideas for Valentine’s day


If you’re looking for some cute, unique ideas to make Valentine’s day extra special for the one you love than this is your lucky day! I scoured the interwebs for any and all things love and hearts and this is what I found. You can thank me later!

1. Who doesn’t love sweets? Especially sweets with little cut out hearts! http://lemon-sugar.com/2013/01/cherry-cordial-cupcakes.html/

2. This cuddly,hug-able little Domo plushie screams “You’re my main squeeze!” http://giftguide.holycool.net/domo-with-heart-glasses-plush/

3. Buying for the sweetheart who has it all? Try this little bike chain heart and peddle on towards your love-filled life together! http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/bike-chain-heart-paperweight

4. The way to the heart is through the stomach! http://yumpins.com/2012/12/05/cute-for-valentines-day-strawberries-sugar-cream-cheese-and-pie-dough/

5. Who doesn’t love pancakes? http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com/2013/01/diy-pipe-cleaner-heart-toppers/?crlt.pid=camp.G1CMshfxFgoq

6. I adore this idea!! You just can’t go wrong with a giant balloon heart, you guys! http://www.studiodiy.com/2013/02/12/diy-giant-balloon-heart/

7. Personalized jewelry with your fingerprints!! http://www.etsy.com/shop/fabuluster?page=3

8. I love these super sweet shades! http://www.polyvore.com/heart_shaped_sunglasses/shop?query=heart+shaped+sunglasses

Hope ya’ll have a great Valentine’s day!

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