Blogging 101- 4 Tips to Improve the Appearance your Blog


Blogging can be a very individual and unique experience for writers but there are several common threads that tie everyone together, no matter what subjects they write about. Here are a few really simple steps that everyone can take to make their blog more appealing and user-friendly.

1. Spend more time on your about me section. I can’t emphasize this enough. Post your photo on the top of the page opposed to the bottom. Keep the page current and explain what your site is about within the first couple of sentences. People come to your about me section to find out what the site is all about. Explain what you write about. Here is part of my about me section-


2. Use more pictures/graphics and name them appropriately. People are visual and a picture is truly worth a thousand words. I look at images like I do the packaging of a product. If your post looks boring many people will assume that the content is too. Naming your pictures correctly can help you gain traffic through image searches. For example, if you post a picture of a beagle title it something like, “BeagleDogPicture.jpeg”. This way, when people image search for “beagle picture” or “dog picture” they can find you. Below is a DIY post on my website. Notice the pictures? You immediately know you need Borax, Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, a cheese grater, and Fels-Naptha soap. The brain processes images much faster than text which makes this page easier to read.


3. Link to your own posts. At the end of all of my posts I have links to similar posts and to my social media sites. If I’m on a page and there aren’t any links on it I don’t end up searching the entire site. No links is like a dead-end. Most people won’t keep going back to your home page to find more of your content. Lead them to it.

Below is an example of how I link people to my Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages as well as to other similar posts.


4. Stay away from busy backgrounds and white or colored text. If a background or font makes a page difficult to look at people aren’t going to stick around to see all of your fabulous posts. Keep your page clean and let your photos do the work. If you HAVE to have a busy background make sure it’s not behind your text.



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