8 Easter ideas that don’t suck.



Hippoty Hoppity Easter’s on it’s way!!

I used to have a little stuffed bunny that sang that sh*t over and over and OVER again. It’s burned into my brain like a brand on a cow’s ass. Anywho! I scoured the internet for all sorts of cute n’ cuddly easter goodness and I must say, I found some pretty sweet stuffs! Hope ya’ll enjoy! Hoppy Easter!!

peep_vasesPeeps in a Vase

0b09af615a345800239438c366907055Glow Eggs


Magic Balloon Treats


Bunny Bread


Bunny Face Cookies on a Stick


Easter Strawberries

0fb40f4b86229de1247870a7bd5e5f24Thumb Bunny Loves You Easter Cards

c2f83dd21e4791d273fd3c1373d016ffBunny Pancakes

jello easter eggsJello Eggs





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