Pen and Markers that don’t suck.


So, ya’ll know I’m an artsy, creative type of girl and I know a lot of you are too so I have so been lookin’ forward to sharing some sweet goodies with ya! A couple of weeks ago I received some awesome Sharpie products that I’ve been using like crazy! I die for some good markers and a super smooth writing pen so I was stoked about these spiffy office supplies!!

unnamed (21)

First off, I’ll start by telling you about the amazing, no bleed, premium pen. It glides across the page like butter you guys!! LIKE BUTTA! I swear, I am going to hoard a million of these pens..and somehow put my name on them so peeps don’t try to steal ’em! They are that good, ya’ll! Really. You can’t even compare it to other pens like it.

unnamed (18)

The tip is super super fine so you can draw really tiny detailed lines, if that’s your thing. And it just so happens, it totally IS my thing! The pen is made well and feels nice in your hand. I really have zero cons, it’s alllllll pros for this baby! Just grab yourself one of these pens, some office stationary, and away ya go!unnamed (19)

Next, I tried the bright, colorful, neon permanent markers. As expected, they are like all the other sharpie products I’ve used- Awesome.

unnamed (23)

They flippin glow under a black light ya’ll!! For reals! I even decorated me some sweet Sharpie shades with them! Yes, you read that right! I decorated my white Sharpie sunglasses with these awesome, fine tip, neon markers! How cool is that?!

unnamed (22)

unnamed (20)

Aaaaaaand, on top of all of that cool stuff, I also tried these cool metallic permanent markers as well!

unnamed (24)

They don’t look too special at first glance but the magic is, they show up brilliantly on dark paper!

unnamed (17)

Promotional products

Promotional shirts

Now go get your Sharpie on!! :)


*I received these products free of charge in order to conduct this review. All opinions expressed are my own, pinky swear! :)

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