CDC’s “new” Autism numbers aren’t so new. So what are the ACTUAL current numbers?

So the CDC announced yesterday that the “new” Autism numbers are now 1 in 68. ONE in SIXTY EIGHT. Let that sit with you for a minute…..and I hate to tell ya, that number is VERY inaccurate. There are so many things wrong with all of this that I am gonna have to break it down for you all.

First off, these numbers are based on children born in 2002. That’s it. Just 2002. The news keeps reporting that it’s from is NOT based on children that were born in 2010. 2010 is the year they got all the information together for the eight year old kids who were born in 2002. The previous numbers, 1 in 88, were based off of children born in 2000.

What does that mean? It means,

THESE NUMBERS ARE OLD!! THEY AREN’T EVEN CLOSE TO CURRENT. IT IS 2014!!!! My son, born in 2002, is eleven now!!

So that brings up another question!! If the numbers are 1 in 68 for 2002, then what are the REAL numbers for 2014?!! Why isn’t the president holding a press conference about this right this second?!! Why are we being swept under the rug with these delayed numbers?! We need to demand answers!! The last numbers were 1 in 88 in 2000 so that means that in only TWO years, according to the CDC themselves, there has been a THIRTY PERCENT INCREASE. But again, these are OLD numbers!!! So can you imagine what the numbers are today??!

 If these numbers have gone up 15% each year since 2002 that would mean that today’s 2 year old is 1 in 18 and in 2022 the number will be 1 in 9.

 People need to be held accountable. If autism doesn’t impact your life now I guarantee you it will in the next ten years. If it’s not your kids it’s going to be your grand-kids. This WILL impact EVERYONE if this system stays the way it is.




CDC official statement- LINK HERE

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