Earth Friendly Notebook Paper Made in the USA


Today I had the pleasure of reviewing some super cool, earth friendly notebooks from Roaring Spring Paper Products. After doing some research, I found the company is a 126 year old manufacturer of paper products (MADE IN THE USA) such as notebooks and folders.

A lot of their paper is actually made from sugarcane, a truly renewable paper. You can feel great about purchasing a notebook because your purchase will save a tree! Using these products helps make the world a better place so snaps to you!

I love the Genesis Shades Notebook paper! I am all about buying green when possible as well as purchasing products that are manufactured in the USA. The purple paper is just a huge, cute bonus!

unnamed (39)


The Cross-Over Notebooks were a new concept to me! One side of each page has college-ruled lines running the width of the page and on the other side the lines run the length of the page. For my family, this paper is perfect for math homework assignments! The unique printing lets you take notes in 3 different ways-

1. Wide for sketching or illustrating diagrams

2. Standard

3. Use the backlight grid pattern the lines create for graphing (or math problems in our case)

unnamed (41)

unnamed (36)

unnamed (40)

Roaring Springs also offers cool notebooks for kids with covers that can be colored on!

unnamed (38)

 More about Roaring Springs Paper-

  • Recycled Papers
    1. Roaring Spring uses papers made from post-consumer waste.
    2. Post-consumer waste, if not recycled, would typically end in a landfill.
    3. Most of the Roaring Spring recycled items contain a minimum of 30% PC waste.
    4. Recycled paper comes in both white and colored versions.
  • Sugarcane Fiber Paper
    1. Sugarcane fiber is waste material from the sugarcane refining process.
    2. This waste material is then used as pulp tp produce fine paper.
    3. The result is a smooth, bright sheet produced at very green paper mills.
    4. We produce sugarcane items in both white and canary options.

Check out the Roaring Spring’s Interactive Facebook Page! Roaring Springs gives their fans the opportunity to win free products by simply answering quiz questions or sharing posts!! Go tell ’em that Rockin Mom sent ya!!

sig*I received these products free of charge in order to conduct this review. All opinions expressed are my own, pinky swear! :)



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