Super Hero Capes!!


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So Bug’s big ole’ birthday bash is in June so I wanted to get a head start and get some of my party favors out of the way! Bug likes Marvel everything or anything super hero related so I’m going with a super hero theme for his party. SO what pops in your brain when ya think of super heroes??

That’s right, jellybean! Ya think of Super Awesome, Super Hero CAPES!!

Soooo, I used my spiffy decoration fabric that was sent to me by Smart-Fab and got to work today and I must say, these capes are gonna be super cute!! Smart-Fab has a bunch of color options so you can use their decoration fabric for practically anything. I’ve heard of people using it for table cloths, wreaths, sewing, and so on. I’m pretty impressed with the quality and durability of the paper.

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The paper is colorful, super easy to work with, and even disposable so it’s perfect for kid’s parties, seasonal, or school activities.

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1. Cut out a large rectangle for the cape

2. Cut out a red diamond shape & a letter

3. Glue the diamond shape and the letter together with fabric glue

4. Sew or Glue the diamond onto the cape

5. Sew or Glue two pieces of ribbon to each of the top corners of the cape for ties.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this project!

For more inspiration-

SmartFab’s Pinterest Page

SmartFab’s Facebook Page

SmartFab’s Twitter


*I received this product free of charge in order to conduct this review. All opinions expressed are my own, pinky swear! :)


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