10 essential oils that don’t suck.



Good for anxiety, sleep, depression, anxiety, rashes, bug bites, bruises, whooping cough, colds, vertigo, stress, cuts, burns, ear aches, calming, relaxing, acne


Good for cleaning, memory, cough, bacterial infections, nausea, depression, kidney stones, gall stones, varicose veins, immune support, nervousness, fevers, focus, loss of energy


Good for congestion, headaches, allergies, heartburn, itchy scalp, itchy skin, concentration, dandruff, fever, colds, indigestion, acid reflux, motion sickness, stomach ache


Good for inflammation, cough, muscle pain, runny nose, congestion, fever, flu, kidney stones, shingles, bronchitus, headaches, viral infection, exhaustion


Good for depression, mood inflammation, energy loss, loss of appetite, nervousness, spasms, focus, anxiety, aphrodisiac, detox, acne, immune booster


Good for tooth and mouth aches, skincare, stress, headaches, indigestion, circulation, infections, anti aging, insect repellent


Good for strengthening the immune system, anti aging, skincare, wounds, infection, colds, acne, bronchitus, cough, indigestion, ulcers, asthma


Good for minor cuts, acne, allergies, arthritis, bruises, bronchitus, burns, cold sore, dry skin, hives, lice, immune support, ringworm, tick removal


Good for inflammation, calming, insomnia, spasms, disinfectant, antiseptic, urinary health, high blood pressure, stress, anxiety


Good for keeping fungi, viruses, and candida in check, parasites, allergies, inflammation, coughs, cold, flu, asthma, croup, bronchitus, acne, sinuses, urinary health, insect repellent, bloating




* I am obviously not a doctor, nurse, or any type of health professional. This site is for informational purposes only.  Consult a doctor before making any decisions about treatment of any conditions you may have, or think you may have. Many opinions expressed on my blog are based on articles I have read, as well as my own thoughts, knowledge, and experiences.  So in other words, use your own brain..I’m assuming you will cause you were smart enough to make it to this awesome page! ;)




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