DIY Faerie House!


My friend was saying something about our local greenhouse having a make your own faerie garden setup here the other day. I have wanted to make a cute lil’ miniature garden for FOREEEEEVER so I got all motivated and decided I’d make a faerie house today!


It was super easy to make and I did it with stuff I have around the house!

What you’ll need

Small jar

Small funnel

Super glue

Black Marker

A toothpick

For the dough you’ll need

1 cup Cornstarch

1 cup glue ( I used Elmer’s)

2 tsp vinegar

Food coloring

Mix the ingredients well and form a large ball. Seal the ball tightly in Saran Wrap and let it sit for a half hour to an hour.
Separate the dough and mix in the food coloring of choice.

That’s it!

For the door, I just mixed blue, green, red, and yellow food coloring to make brown. I used a toothpick to make the lines in the ‘wood’ and I drew the ‘wood grain’ on with a black marker.

The stones were super simple, I just made regular balls then flattened them a bit.

I used the super glue to glue the ‘rocks’ and the door to the jar (the base of the house) and the funnel (the roof).

The mushrooms are basically balls on sticks, add little spots to make them look more realistic.

I can’t wait to start my faerie garden!! This lil house is going to be perfect for it. I’ll be sure to post pics for ya’ll when I get it finished!




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