What in the hell is oil pulling?

I’m sure by now most of you have probably heard someone mention oil pulling or maybe you’ve read about it online. If you’re wondering ‘what the hell is oil pulling?’ then you’ve come to the right place, cupcake!

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda practice that has recently gained a lot of popularity in the modern world and I, for one, am obsessed. The oils are said to pull toxins, fungus, bacteria, other organisms from the body leaving you healthier and feeling better altogether. I don’t know if there are any studies that have been done yet to support this but I have definitely noticed that my oral health has improved since I started. (Better breath, no more sensitivity, whiter teeth etc)
Oil pulling is supposed to not only leave the teeth, gums, and mouth healthier, it may also improve other conditions that are toxin, bacteria, or fungus related.

If you’re interested in trying it, pulling can be done with several different oils. Organic and unrefined is key when choosing a quality oil to use. I personally prefer cold pressed unrefined organic coconut oil. (Nutiva is my favorite brand.) Other oils such as sunflower and olive oil can also be used.

The actual practice of pulling is super simple.

1. You put the oil in your mouth
2. Swish it around for 15-20 minutes
3. Spit it out
4. Rinse your mouth out until you get all of the oil residue out. (The oil is now toxin/bacteria filled and swallowing it defeats the purpose.)

That’s it!! Easy peasy, jellybean!

It definitely takes some time to get used to swishing for that long but each time you do it it will get a little easier. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t do it for the full amount of time the first few times you pull, it’s totally normal for it to take time to build up to 15-20 minutes.

If you use coconut oil I recommend that you melt it before hand. The consistency can be irritating until it melts if not. Also, be sure to spit it out in the trash and not in the sink or toilet. Coconut oil will re- harden if it gets cold.

Now go get ya some oil and get to pulling, ya’ll! Let me know what ya think!




*I am not a doctor or nurse. I do not diagnose or treat illnesses. This site is for informational purposes only.  Consult a doctor before making any decisions about treatment of any conditions you may have, or think you may have. Many opinions expressed on my blog are based on articles I have read, as well as my own thoughts, knowledge, and experiences.  So in other words, use your own brain..I’m assuming you will cause you were smart enough to make it to this awesome page! ;)

One thought on “What in the hell is oil pulling?

  1. Ava Racc says:

    Oil pulling can be great if your teeth haven’t had much dental work (I use sunflower oil a couple of times a year or so- it helps whiten my teeth and decreases bacteria)- I have read countless horror stories of people with fillings and caps that were lost, swallowed, etc when oil pulling. Dental work is expensive and dental pain is sucky- but I highly recommend this for people who do not have the fillings/caps/crowns/etc, that and tongue scraping! :)

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