Lymphoma Awareness!!


A family member that I have always looked up to and loved dearly is going through chemotherapy soon. She is the most selfless, compassionate, and caring human being that I have ever known and she has truly shaped who I am as a person today.

I can clearly remember her doing kind things for less fortunate people in our community when I was a kid and that always stuck with me and had a true impact on my soul. There was an older gentleman that was well known in our small town, unfortunately it was because he was poor and I don’t think he really had a place to call home. I can remember my family member made him a stocking with gloves and hats so he could at least take some comfort in being warmer throughout the winter months. She was always doing things like that. She worried about the people that others didn’t care to worry about. She always puts others before herself. I have always worked to be the kind of person she is and if I can even reflect just a small amount of that inner strength and beauty then I know I will be okay.

Today she told me she was proud of me and it meant more to me than any material thing in this world possibly could.

She has Cancer but Cancer doesn’t have her. Her love and light can shine through the darkest of moments and I know it’s going to shine through this.

I LOVE YOU KK!!!!!!!!


What is Lymphoma? Click Here.



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