DIY Minecraft Party! Part ONE



Like most kids his age, my son is totally OBSESSED with any and all things Minecraft so, of course, we are having a Minecraft themed birthday party for him! Everything pictured above was made fairly cheap with simple supplies that I had around the house!

Untitllllled - Copy (2)

The party bags are envelopes, and green cardstock paper with creeper face drawn on with sharpies. I applied the creepers faces to the envelopes with modge podge.

The masks are pieces of cardboard with construction paper modge podged to them. I used another long strip of cardboard folded in half to make the handle. I covered the handles with construction paper and then stapled and modged podged them to the head pieces.

The creeper toss was made out of an old lamp shade frame but I think a small trash can would work just as well. I covered it with green craft paper from smartfab and stapled a creeper face to it that I made with cardstock paper and a sharpie.

The “sandbags” for the creeper toss game are made from red and white felt sewn together. I didn’t have sand so I used popcorn kernels in ziplock bags to weigh them down. I wrote TNT on the white felt with sharpies.

The invitations are simply green cardstock with black cardstock creeper faces modge podged to them.

The pinata is just an old cardboard box. I cut part of the back of it out and replaced the cardboard with heavy duty green construction paper. Then, I covered the box with green construction paper, added green construction paper strips to give it more of a pinata look, and then added a black construction paper creeper face. Finally, I added a hanger to the top of the box.

Hope you can find some inspiration for your own Minecraft party!



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