Autism Coverup!! CDC Whistle Blower Bill Thompson admits to Vaccine Autism link.

Parents have been saying it all along but now one of the CDC’s very own Bill Thompson is saying it too. The CDC knew that there was a link between vaccines and autism and they covered it up. They also knew that the rate of autism is higher in African American boys. They knew…
They’ve known since at least 2003.

CDC’s William Thompson’s official press release and admittance to fraud on the autism MMR study here.

The video that he admits his voice is on is here.

I have seen absolutely NOTHING about this on mainstream media and several of the articles I have seen online have mysteriously disappeared. THAT is scary. The american public is vaccinating their kids on the daily without being informed on all of the risks. Why isn’t this being reported?!

Well, here’s why- Mainstream media’s BFF is none other than Big Pharma! 

There are five authors listed on the manipulated study – Frank DeStefano, Tanya Karapurkar-Bhasin, William Thompson, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop, and Coleen Boyle.

Coleen Boyle, as you may remember, is on record saying there is NO link between vaccines and autism. To watch video click here. This video is from 2012. According to William Thompson’s press release she KNEW that there was a link when she spoke with Congressman Bill Posey in this video.

The American public has been lied to.

This story just keeps getting more and more interesting! Have you heard of the elusive Poul Thorsen? He is a most wanted fugitive, wanted by the feds and faces 260 years in jail for wire fraud and money laundry. He is also a coauthor of 21 out of 24 studies that “disprove” the link between autism and vaccines. Imagine that!

CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen made the mistake of saying “Some people don’t hear this well but vaccines don’t cause autism.”

Well the moms disagree and they’ve got the science to back it up! They’re fed up and tired of their children not having a voice through mainstream media so they started the #hearthiswell campaign, a collection of videos describing their children’s vaccine injury stories. They are all compiled here on the Hear This Well-Breaking the Silence on Vaccine Violence youtube channel by The Autism Media Channel.



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