An open letter to the world from an Autism mom


To whom it may concern (and it concerns EVERYONE!!),

April is autism awareness month. I don’t know how much you know about autism, but as the proud parent of an almost 13 yr old son who has this diagnosis, I would like for you to take the time to read, and to really absorb my words. Put yourself in our shoes. Let yourself feel what we feel.

My son was born into a world that wasn’t prepared for him. And honestly, he was born into a world that doesn’t deserve his perfectly pure heart and soul. He is so much more than most people will ever see. I don’t like to say that I’m thankful for autism, because with all it has robbed my son of, I’m not, but damn am I ever grateful that I was blessed with this bright, beautiful child. He has taught me what is really truly important in life- unconditional love and standing up for what’s right. So that has become my life’s mission.

What I want, and what we need most for our community, is REAL awareness and action to back it up. I want to see worthwhile, transparent research that isn’t done by big pharma and CDC officials who bounce back and forth from Merck. I want to see the CDC be held responsible when they hide data from the people. I want to see world wide programs for wandering and drowning education. I want to see Autism signs on every single street where our families live. I want to see insurance policies that cover REAL non-toxic help for our kids. I want to see schools, teachers, police, healthcare workers, and firefighters that are all properly  trained to understand individuals with autism. I want to see jobs and helpful communities for adults with autism. I want to see parents educating their neurotypical kids that it’s OK to be different. I want them to teach their kids to be understanding, and patient, and to treat our kids with respect. I want to see help. I want to see change. I want to see autism awareness and ACTION!

The world wasn’t prepared for 1 in 68….but here we are. It’s beyond time to make this right.

Our kids deserve it!!!

Please consider donating to one of the reputable organizations below for awareness month!

Thinking Moms Revolution-


Generation Rescue-

Firefighters vs Autism-

Also support your LOCAL autism charities! 💙💛💖


MUCH LOVE to you and yours,
Rockin Mom




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