Oh shit…..literally. What the doctor didn’t tell me about Autism


Thankfully, we haven’t dealt with any bathroom issues for yeeears but I still remember like it was yesterday…

Oh shit…Literally.

If you get grossed out easily and your gag game is weak, like myself, then you may want to skip this blog. It’s actually a pretty shitty blog anyhow. I mean, It’s really a dump of a blog. Hehe ok ok you get the point. Bug’s bathroom humor is rubbing off on me.

Anyways, back to the point. This blog is about something ALL autism parents and caregivers know a lot about. I’m SHIT talking.

Just the word poop makes me uncomfortable. I’m the kinda girl who knows that we all do it, but I reeeeally don’t feel like we all need to sit around and talk about it. It just figured that I’d be thrust into the poo game with no warning like I was. Did you know about this shit when your kiddo was diagnosed cause I sure didnt!

A LOT of kids with autism have gut issues and sensory issues that ultimately lead to all sorts of ‘fun’ shit issues. When Bug was little he used to paint the walls with it. In the autism world we call these ‘works of art’ Poo-casos. Ya know, like Picasso but with poo. Yea, I know it’s freaking gross and disgusting but sometimes ya gotta laugh to keep from crying, ya know?

Anyways, Bug’s shit show wasn’t always limited to the ever famous Poo-caso. He also liked to smear it into the carpet and run his trucks through it. And this shit wasn’t like regular shit either. Imagine the worst smelling smell imaginable. Ok got it? Now combine that with something that smells even worse and you’re getting close to the ballpark. Because of the toxic burden so many of our kids carry, their little bodies and digestive systems really take a beating and the ‘shit shows’ are a result of this. Diarrhea is pretty common in kids with autism. Ugh that’s another one of those words I just do not like  to even write but it is what it is. Shit.

So one of the ‘fun’ parts of these little shit parades is the moment that you realize you have to make a serious make it or break it decision. Do you clean the kid first or the bedroom? And if you pick the bedroom, what do you do with the child covered in poo while you clean said bedroom? And if you clean up the child first, how do you keep said child away from the shit parade? These are the questions you ask yourself as an autism parent.

Which shit is more important?

Hope If ya had a shitty day I made ya smile! Just remember, we are in this shit together!

Rockin Mom



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