The rebirth of Rockin Mom’s World and my new experience of shared parenting


 Heyyyyyy there, jellybeans! Suuuuup with ya? I hope your week is going along fabulously and all your days have been peaceful and productive thus far. I hope your hair laid the right way, ya didn’t burn your dinner, that you had clean socks and undies, and that you had a lil spring in your step ’cause ya have something sweet to look forward to later this week. Like Game of Thrones or some shit. (I’ve never watched that show but apparently  it’s pretty good ’cause people go batshit over it) 

 By the way, did ya happen to notice my eclectic lil site got a total makeover? Pretty damned spiffy, eh? 

Oh how I’ve missed you so! And you too! And you! And you over there, the one stalking my every move, I even missed you toooooooo! (That’s a joke. And a really poor one at that ’cause nobody wants to stalk my crazy ass. Except for maybe the pets when they’re hungry. Or Bug when he wants a new game. Or bill collectors, telemarketer assholes, and the people on Facebook trying to sell me It Works wraps and shit.) So yea, please bear with me you guys ’cause this is probably gonna be a total shit show of a blog post because I’m a huge fucking slacker and I quit writing for forever. Ha, who am I kidding? This post has just begun and it’s already a shit show. And if you’re super bored and you do decide to make the questionable commitment to continue reading, you will find that this post will probably continue to grow and evolve from a small and harmless shit show to a full on, big, hot messy, shit production. Complete with a shit parade and shit side show. So now may be a good time to way out your options and either turn around and run, or sit down and microwave ya some popcorn to help you endure this ADD train wreck that is my mind.

 A dapper Mr Kitty thinking of all the impossible spaces he wants to try to sit in and also all of the things he would like to get into. Particularly, all the crystals I have in the bathroom window that are prohibiting him from laying up there. No real reason for posting this right here, other than Mr. Kitty is cute as shit. You’re welcome.♡

I had all intentions to write some cutesy lil niceties to sprinkle all over the beginning of this post but obviously I simply cannot do that. So, to remedy this nagging feeling, I’m gonna just jump right in to what it is that’s on my mind before the words start swirling in my head and refuse to dance off of my lips. Damn you words! Why don’t you cooperate with me?

 Sooooo, I did a lil segway post, if you will, on my Facebook page (Rockin Mom) awhile back about the reasons why I quit writing and the happenings in my life that prompted my lil vacay. What I want to speak on today is kinda a part two to that FB post. 

(To those of you who are totally lost, the rambling portion of this shit show is now over. Now the part where I try to focus my shit will commence.)

  The whole shared parenting thing is still feeling new to me. It’s so weird sharing your kid with their other parent when you’ve spent every day of their life with them. I’m not used to any of it still, even though it is very much my current reality. I’ve been thinking of this a lot lately with Bug’s first day of his Freshman year approaching so quickly. I have to arrange time for us (Bug’ s dad and I) to both be able to experience all of Bug’s special moments and firsts with him. It’s such an odd thing to experience when you’re not used to it. It truly tugs at every ounce of your soul. It makes you feel like half of the time your heart is just out there walking around outside of your body, and it truly is. My boy is my whole heart and when hes not with me I feel a huge void inside. The drastic adjustment of it all is so hard on a momma, and definitely even harder on a teenager living with autism. I can’t speak for Bug’s dad but I can’t imagine any of this is easy for him either. 

So I wonder how you all do it? The ones of you who have turned one family into two. Was it an easy transition for you or do you experience all of the growing pains like myself?

♡Always remember to take care of yourselves, jellybeans! Try to see the good in the little things and in the people you meet. Lots of love and good vibes to you all!♡

-Rockin Mom16114040_1408799709154787_828322029968955998_n

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