Since receiving my son's autism diagnosis and going through experiences with my own health issues, I have done years of research and reading on detoxing the body of harmful chemicals and toxins. All of my autism research has lead me to the undeniable fact that everything that goes into the body has an impact, whether … Continue reading My DETOX MASTER CHEAT SHEET!


AWESOME Gluten Free Grocery Guide! Great for picky eaters!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I'm SOOO excited to tell ya'll about the new GF grocery guide I've been using! If you are new to the gluten free world this book will be like your holy grail. It is so unbelievably useful and the index style search makes finding what … Continue reading AWESOME Gluten Free Grocery Guide! Great for picky eaters!

Autism Miracles! Why essential oils don’t suck.

Do you see this test?! DO you see the CLEAR, LEGIBLE handwriting? This is a PRE-test. These are words that Bug has NEVER seen before, never practiced before, never even thought of spelling before. The only thing we have changed lately is, over the weekend we added 100% pure, therapeutic grade Vetiver and Lavender Essential Oils … Continue reading Autism Miracles! Why essential oils don’t suck.

Autism Awareness- WE ARE BEING HEARD!!

I cannot believe I forgot to post!! Leave it to me and my scatter brained self to forget to post the most exciting thing that has happened to us all year!! Geez! So anywho, I'll just get right to it!- I was asked to write and read a PSA for 3 local radio stations for … Continue reading Autism Awareness- WE ARE BEING HEARD!!

Autism Info EVERYONE should know

It's WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY today ya'll and you know I'm all rainbowed up so I wanna share some important autism info!!! 1. People that have autism are still people. They aren't just a label or a debate on Facebook. 2. People with autism are very capable of empathy, emotions, affection, and humor. They may not show … Continue reading Autism Info EVERYONE should know