DIY Minecraft Party! Part ONE

Like most kids his age, my son is totally OBSESSED with any and all things Minecraft so, of course, we are having a Minecraft themed birthday party for him! Everything pictured above was made fairly cheap with simple supplies that I had around the house! The party bags are envelopes, and green cardstock paper with … Continue reading DIY Minecraft Party! Part ONE

8 Easter ideas that don’t suck.

Hippoty Hoppity Easter's on it's way!! I used to have a little stuffed bunny that sang that sh*t over and over and OVER again. It's burned into my brain like a brand on a cow's ass. Anywho! I scoured the internet for all sorts of cute n' cuddly easter goodness and I must say, I … Continue reading 8 Easter ideas that don’t suck.

7 St Patty’s Day Crafts that don’t suck.

I Looooooove St. Patrick's day!! Maybe it's because I'm Irish or maybe it's just because I love the color green! Either way, I love to decorate for the holidays so I have been on the lookout for some cute, simple crafts to do. I love these ideas so I wanted to share! Shamrock Tree Bellpepper … Continue reading 7 St Patty’s Day Crafts that don’t suck.

SUPER Yummy SUPER Cheesy Crock Pot Bacon Mac and Cheese Recipe!

I try to eat pretty healthy but every once in awhile ya gotta have a cheat day right? Well this is my absolute favorite Mac and Cheese recipe EVER so I wanted to share!! It's super easy and super cheesy! Enjoy!  2 Cups uncooked Elbow Macaroni 2 strips of Bacon 3 tablespoons of Butter 2 1/2 … Continue reading SUPER Yummy SUPER Cheesy Crock Pot Bacon Mac and Cheese Recipe!

Cherry Cheese Cake Perfection!

2 Cups Graham cracker crumbs 3 Tbsp Sugar 1/4 tsp Salt 5 Tbsp of Butter 4 packages of Philidelphia Cream Cheese 4 Eggs 1 cup granulated Sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 1/4 tsp Vanilla Preferably Fresh Cherries but you can use Cherry Filling First, start out by pre-heating your oven to 325 F. Next, Mix … Continue reading Cherry Cheese Cake Perfection!

Bowl Shaped snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

Here's a few more ideas to get your wheels turning! Yummy Taco Bites Bacon Bowl Sliders Sandwich Stadium! Bread Bowl with Bacon Cheese Dip- So easy to make! Apple Ice Cream Sundae Bowls- I'd call it a Super Bowl Sundae! ;) Chocolate Balloon Bowls- Simple and gorgeous! Super Deviled Eggs- A new spin on your typical deviled eggs. Click here … Continue reading Bowl Shaped snacks for Super Bowl Sunday

DIY Valentine’s Day “Cards”

I am in love <3 with these awesome, unique DIY valentines I came across today! These would definitely be a big hit in any classroom. Mustache Cards by Plum Adorable. Gumball Valentines by Cupcake Cutiees Ruler Idea by Pop Sugar Bubbles by Adisten's Closet I dig you Valentines by A Punch of Color Popcorn Valentines … Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day “Cards”