20 DIY FUN & CHEAP Summer Activities for Kids!

GIANT SUPER STRONG BUBBLES Spend the day blowing super duty bubbles!! If you have the kiddos put socks or gloves on their hands, the bubbles will be nearly un-poppable! The oils in your skin cause bubbles to pop. OUTDOOR WATER PAD A fun way to get cool if you don't have a pool! Go to your … Continue reading 20 DIY FUN & CHEAP Summer Activities for Kids!


Primitive Furniture Overhaul Part One

I'm in love with primitive style decor and crafts so I've been working on transforming pieces I already have to make everything in my house more cohesive. This is one of the pieces I worked on today. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!! The paint is interior semigloss and the color is Starboard Blue, … Continue reading Primitive Furniture Overhaul Part One

DIY Faerie House!

My friend was saying something about our local greenhouse having a make your own faerie garden setup here the other day. I have wanted to make a cute lil' miniature garden for FOREEEEEVER so I got all motivated and decided I'd make a faerie house today! It was super easy to make and I did … Continue reading DIY Faerie House!

Pen and Markers that don’t suck.

So, ya'll know I'm an artsy, creative type of girl and I know a lot of you are too so I have so been lookin' forward to sharing some sweet goodies with ya! A couple of weeks ago I received some awesome Sharpie products that I've been using like crazy! I die for some good … Continue reading Pen and Markers that don’t suck.