Prom Dresses that don’t suck.

I know it's hard to believe it but springtime and Prom Season are both approaching quickly and I'm sure you young ladies and mommas all know how a typical dress shopping trip goes. If ya wait until the very last minute- 1. You're gonna end up going home empty handed 2. You're going to end … Continue reading Prom Dresses that don’t suck.

Effortless Comfy Style

Do any of you remember Delia's catalogs? I used to loooooove me some Delia's catalogs!! I waited with anticipation every month for the new ones to come to my mailbox, filled with tons of cute tops, swimsuits, and accessories! I don't know what made me think of it today, but I decided to do a … Continue reading Effortless Comfy Style

Hot Party Dresses for 2014!

I can barely believe it but 2014 is right around the corner and like most fashion obsessed girly girls, I HAVE to have me some cute, frilly, beautiful, party dresses for the new year! There are so many gorgeous looks that are on trend for the coming months and I am absolutely 100% infatuated with … Continue reading Hot Party Dresses for 2014!


Heeeeey guys! As promised I finally did the big closet clean-out so I wanted to share with ya'll! First off, I apologize for my horrible pictures. I can't replace my good camera until January so this grainy, fuzzy, cell phone quality is unfortunately what i'm stuck with for now. I thought about just putting this … Continue reading CLOSET CLEAN-OUT!

A NEW ADDITION TO Rockin Mom’s World!

AHHHH I just love new stuffs!! I'm so flippin' excited to jump into the next chapter of my little adventure!! I've been playing with an idea for the past couple of weeks but I needed an outside opinion from my peeps so today I asked my amazing social media followers what they thought about the … Continue reading A NEW ADDITION TO Rockin Mom’s World!