Going against the flow

People, in general, have never understood the way that I think and/or operate in life, love, parenting, my writing, and a variety of other areas people tend to pick apart in late night phonecalls and over lunch convos with their besties. Growing up an eclectic, free spirited, wide eyed girl in a small sleepy town, … Continue reading Going against the flow



Along the way I've learned that many times, the ones who feel unloved show the most love. The ones who aren't cared for are the ones who care the most. The uncomforted are the most comforting. The souls filled with sadness spend their days trying to fill others with happiness. The broken try to help … Continue reading Thoughts.

The unspoken truths of autism.

At night time, after the house gets quiet and everyone has gone to bed, my mind races and I sit awake by myself thinking about my family and our life together. I think about the hands that we've all been dealt, good and bad. I think about my view on autism, life, and the world … Continue reading The unspoken truths of autism.

Lymphoma Awareness!!

A family member that I have always looked up to and loved dearly is going through chemotherapy soon. She is the most selfless, compassionate, and caring human being that I have ever known and she has truly shaped who I am as a person today. I can clearly remember her doing kind things for less fortunate … Continue reading Lymphoma Awareness!!

The haircut from HELL.

I just wanted to give my kid a haircut. Bug's hair was gettin' pretty crazy so I decided I needed to get the buzzers out and give the kid a haircut tonight before people start to figure out I'm a hot mess over here. And don't you be a snitch and tell on me after reading … Continue reading The haircut from HELL.