Find your HAPPY! Beauty products that can brighten your mood ..and scientifically proven ways too!



Have you guys tried Maybelline Baby Lips yet? Gahhhhh! I am so in love with these freakin’ lip balms.They smell sooooo unbelievably good that you’ll want to eat them!..But don’t actually eat them k? K! :) The fruity notes will turn that frown upside down before you can get the cap back on!


Clinique Happy is my all-time favorite perfume ever and it can definitely turn a bad mood around! It has a beautiful citrus-y/flowery scent that isn’t over-powering yet it stays with you so you don’t have to apply it a million times a day.


Another one of my favorite mood boosting products is Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush Bronzer! It’s actually infused with Physician’s Formula Happy Boost Blend featuring Happy Skin™ and Euphoryl, natural plant extracts that have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins as well as helping to protect the skin from stress from the environment! The wonderful violet scent provides a feeling of joy each time you apply it.

* Happy Skin is a registered mark of Provital in Spain.


According to science and, here are some other things that you can do to get happy!

1. Exercise more.

2. Sleep more.

3. Commute less.

4. Spend more time with family & friends.

5. Spend more time outside

6. Help others.

7. Practice smiling.

8. Plan a trip.

9. Meditate or enjoy soothing music

10. Be grateful.

11. Get older.

UntitledNow smile! Or at least practice smiling! :)


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Much love, Rockin Mom


My Favorite Christmas Ornaments- Hanging memories


I love Christmas time for so many reasons, the first being all of the yummy Christmas-y smells! The golden brown turkey cooking in the oven, hot apple cinnamon pie, and the clean crisp scent of the glowing Christmas tree put me in a mood like no other. I am probably ridiculously obnoxious to be around during the holidays, I think maybe I am just a wee bit too jolly for some, but I don’t care! I truly enjoy Christmas as an adult, maybe even more than when I was a kid. People just don’t tell you how much freaking fun the holidays are when you’re a parent! It’s like a cross between a second childhood and a trip down memory lane. Out of everything I’ve ever experienced, it is most definitely one of the coolest parts of my life.

Decorating for the holidays is something that I really look forward to also. Shocker, right? The lights, the tree, and the decorations still make me feel the way I did when I was five, like everything is a little more special and magical. When I get all of our decor out of my hoard of boxes I can’t help but to be a little sentimental, each little bulb and bauble is like a memory that I get to hang up and enjoy for a month out of every year. That’s part of the magic, the waiting that is. Absence really does makes the heart grow fonder so by the time December rolls around everything feels fresh and new, but still like that old familiar friend. We pick up right where we left off.

Below are a few of my memories that I wanted to share with you. I hope you make great ones for you and yours this holiday!

unnamed (1)


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Snow WHITE. Crisp & clean vintage-y touches

Pieces I love.


Danish candle holders, thrift store mirror, chest from Walmart, and D.I.Y. stick star.


I’ve been trying to lighten and brighten my dark and depressing living room so I opened up a can of white paint and went to town! I like to pair bright colored rugs and pillows with white decor so the color really pops.

A can of paint can go a LONG way when it comes to changing up the look of your decor. Paint a mirror and a few picture frames a new color. If you’re feeling bold, maybe even try with a headboard, dresser, or night stand. A little bit of effort can result in major results.


Obsessed with these old doors..

I finally got a shot of these beautiful doors! I’ve passed them probably a thousand times over the past few years and every single time I stop to admire them so I thought a picture was appropriate. I love things that are from a different time. Oh the stories these old doors could tell.

Obsessed with these old doors..