Autism Resources

100 + Autism Resources

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Our Autism Awareness Public Service Announcement we recorded for our local radio stations!!!


Newly Diagnosed?

New Parent Quick Start

What is Autism?

Speech Therapy & Autism

What is ABA therapy?

Free ABA Resources

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy & Autism

Aspergers Syndrome

Aspergers Rules- How to make sense of school & friends

Controlling Anger in children with Aspergers

Aspergers Females

Females- So you think you may have Asperger Syndrome– Female Aspie Traits

Asperger Syndrome, Autism, and PDD/NOS

TACA Resources for Teens & Adults

Autism Book List



Autism and Safety Facts

SafetyNet by LoJack

Caregiver Checklist

Big Red Safety Box

Project Lifesaver

QR Code ID system for Wanderers

Fencing For Autism

Wandering-Video for First Responders

YMCA’s across the country that provide special needs swimming lessons


TACA Autism Journey Blueprints

Early Intervention

Dietary Intervention

Medical Intervention

Essential Oils Cheat Sheet

Detox Master Cheat Sheet

Autism & Chiropractics

A mom’s journey to recovery through Homeopathy

Homeopathy & Autism

TACA What supplements help what

Regarding Caroline -Getting Started



GFCF done easy

GFCF info

GFCF on a Budget

GFCF Recipes



Autism Grants

Autism on a budget

Behavior HELP!!

Handicap Parking for Autism by State

International resources

Resources for siblings

How to get an iPad funded 

Divorce advice for special needs families

Special Education-What Parents need to know

Potty training

Parasites (Ignore the living condition part…our kiddos get them because of their immune system)

A Must Read Book! The Out of Sync Child

Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support

Visual Timers for kids with Special Needs

How to teach a child with Autism to swim

Surfers For Autism

Utah Autism Give

Australian Autism Aspergers Network

Special Needs Parents Association 

Parenting Special Needs Magazine

Resources-Autism Now

Autism Society

The Autism Society’s online resource database

Resources- Generation Rescue

Generation Rescue FB

DAN Drs List

Social Stories

Autism Preperation Kit for Teachers

Talk About Curing Autism

National Autism Association

Autism One

The Thinking Moms Revolution


Autism York

Autism Society Tidewater Virginia Chapter

 Maine Autism Alliance

Aspergers & Anxiety Worry cards

 Rock The Autism


IEP help

TACA IEP Help Tips & Links

IEP help

IEP Goals

All about IEP’s


Homeschooling Creations

Time 4 Learning.Com

Highschool Homeschool

Spelling City

Homeschooling Autism

Worksheets by Grade

Help for Struggling Readers

At Home Speech resources


Awesome Chewelry (Chewable Jewelry) from Chewigem 

Fun and Function Special needs toys and tools

Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Friendly Movies

25 ideas for Sensory Boxes

Tons of Awesome Sensory Ideas

Creating a Sensory Room

Chewable Jewelry

Autism Home & Therapy Products



Carly Fleischmann

The United State of Autism

Autism Awareness Month Ideas

Paper Clouds Apparel

The Sensory Spectrum

World of Autism

World of Jenks

Chad from World of Jenks Fan Page

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